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You want more leads from Google along with a system to get consistent 4 and 5 star Google Reviews while simultaneously improving your customer service if people do have a negative experience. You also want to ensure that public reviews are always being responded to so people know you care about your customers. I am here to help with that.

My Reputation Management Plan Includes:

> Step 1: Get Customers Into The Funnel

  • Set up a structured system to consistently get you 4 and 5-star reviews
  • Gradually invite your past clients to review your business
  • Create a system to automate inviting new clients to review your business
    • Add a “review us” button to your website (optional)
    • Put a review link in your email signature (optional)
    • Build your email list
    • Send follow-up reminders

> Step 2: Guide Them Through The Review Process

  • Drive the customer to a landing page
  • Make leaving a review easy for people who had a good experience
  • Help the customer select a review site
  • Detect a negative experience
  • Keep bad reviews off the internet

    > Step 3: Monitor & Respond

    • Recover bad experiences
    • Publicly respond to any negative reviews that may end up going through (with your approved responses)
    • Answer any questions that are sometimes left in reviews 
    • Send a monthly report of your progress showing how many new reviews you have gotten and how your average rating is going up.

      (2) COST & PAYMENTS:

      Total cost of the services: $500 set up fee & $250/month


      Your email, contact, log-in information, and any proprietary information (as in trade secrets, know-how, or any other confidential information that is not publicly available) will be kept confidential by Alexis T. Myers and will not be distributed or sold to a third party vendor, competitor, or colleague.

      As a client, you may be added to my newsletter and email list but can unsubscribe at any time (though important information about website technology changes and security, as well as online business tools, resources, and strategies may be missed by unsubscribing).


      If you decide for any reason that you no longer need my reputation management plan you can cancel the plan by giving me a ten (10) day written notice via email prior to your next monthly billing date.

      At that point, I will cancel your monthly subscription payment and deactivate your reputation management system. I will let you know when everything is taken care of and you will then be free to delete any user information you have created for me or change any passwords you’ve given me.

      Reputation Management Registration

      Please Note:

      • Your monthly payment will come out automatically every month on the day you make your first payment.
      • Please email me with any questions or problems.